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Preventative maintenance services

Our experienced technicians and superior technology allow our team to effectively provide expert preventative maintenance services. Get the timely corrections you need from our team.

Maintain maximum efficiency

Get the regular services you need to maintain efficiency and productivity. In the event that you have an issue, you can have the peace of mind knowing our team is ready to assist you.


We carry a large inventory of parts and components. Our experienced team will diagnose problems, and make the needed changes to create consistent efficiency all year around. We provide the expertise needed for a range of industries including golf courses, municipal, agricultural, and more.

Do you have a specific issue?

At Variable Speed Solutions, we have 60 years of combined experience. Our top-notch engineering team will create the customized solution you need.

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We serve California and Mexico with long-term solutions. Get the maintenance and repairs you need for your air and water movement.

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Get several layers of support for your equipment.

Get turnkey retrofit project services.

Providing timely service and knowledgeable support.

We are a designated service station.

Get the regular services you need to maintain efficiency and productivity.